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Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial Flat Roofing in Cambridge, ON

Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. offers commercial flat roofing services in Cambridge. Your roof is one of the most pivotal aspects of your property's structure, which is why it deserves the attention and care of experts. An unstable roof can cause injuries and damage your property. It can also lead to liability issues. Our roofing contractors have over 35 years of experience in the roofing industry and will always provide you with quality solutions. We offer comprehensive roofing services that cover Repairs, replacements, Maintenance and more. 

We understand that when it comes to commercial properties, the stakes are high. We adhere to the highest standards and provide you with long-lasting solutions. 

Contact us if you require commercial flat roofing in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. You can also view our blog for more information.

Modbit Hospice House

This Modified Bitumen (Modbit) Roof was applied to the Hospice of Waterloo.

|  Types of Flat Roofing

There are various types of flat roofs. These include:

  • Thermoplastic membrane flat roof (PVC and TPO)

  • Build up roofs (BUR)

  • Rubber membrane flat roof (EPDM)

  • Modified bitumen flat roof (Modbit)

  • Spray-On flat roof

  • Metal flat roof


Would you like to learn more about the types of flat roofs?  Our staff is happy to address your questions. 

Check out our happy customers by browsing our Testimonials section.

EPDM Meat Packers Arthur

Domingo's Meat Packers Ltd., Arthur chose Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. to apply this fully adhered EPDM roof.

|  The Benefits of Flat Roofs

IMG_3363 copy_edited.jpg

Installing flat roofs includes these benefits:

  • Easier and safer access

  • Low maintenance and ease of cleaning and repairing

  • Waterproof and highly durable

  • Spacious with the ability to transform into functional areas

  • Easy to apply

  • Enhance the appearance of a building because they don't require the enclosure of a triangular space or a false ceiling.

  • Have better insulating capacity than their counterparts

  • A better choice for multi-storeyed buildings

  • Economical 

We would be delighted to discuss how our commercial flat roofing will bring benefits to your business. You can also take a look at our Past Projects.

This Waterloo company choose to turn their roof into a functional patio for their employees.

|  Commercial Flat Roof Installation Services

Are you constructing a new property? Has your old roof become damaged beyond repair? We can install a new flat roof for you. We will assess your property and requirements to provide you with personalized installation solutions. Our contractors can construct your new roof with expertise. We use the latest technology and quality materials. 

TPO Cherry Blossom Cambridge.webp

The former location of Blendtek Ingredients get a new self-adhering TPO roof before its sale to O'Neil Electric Supply.

|  Maintenance & Repair


We provide maintenance and repair services to keep your roof in perfect condition all year long. Our contractors will inspect and diagnose the issue quickly and provide you with efficient repair solutions. Our maintenance services can prolong the life of your roof and improve its functionality. We offer a range of Maintenance programs. Reach out to us for flat roof repair and maintenance in Cambridge. 


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Why Commercial Roof Maintenance is Important

It takes a sharp eye and experience to locate some leaks.

|  Contact Us for Commercial Flat Roofing in Cambridge

At Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc., our experienced team is happy to discuss your project and address all your flat roofing needs. Whether you have a specific roofing project or need advice on the best roofing solutions for your commercial or industrial building, we are here to help you. Reach out to us today. 

|  Roofs That Last

You can rely on our contractors for reliable commercial flat roofing in Cambridge

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