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GVR Shield

Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. provides various services to help maintain and protect your building and prolong the life of your roof. We work all year round to install or repair roofs in Cambridge, Brantford and the surrounding area. In fact, some roofs are better to install in the cold weather. The shield on the left symbolizes our commitment to our customers, both in terms of protecting their roof but also in protecting their investment. Simply put, maintenance programs reap returns for our customers both in money saved and in adding to the life span of the roof.



Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. has partnered with SkyRover to bring building owners the latest in Roof Maintenance – Infrared Technology (Thermo Imaging). Drones have quickly become the roofing industries top choice in roof inspection and early leak detection.


Simply Put, Drones Have Become the New Roof Inspectors?


SkyRover’s drones allow for roof inspections that are safer, faster and can create a video record for the client. The use of a drone for roof inspections allows for:

  • The quick location of leaks that often are not easily found
  • A more thorough roof maintenance program
  • A more accurate estimation of roof repair costs
  • A better estimation of the expected life of the roof
  • The uncovering of hidden issues
  • Aiding in solar panel installations
  • More accurate linear, area, slope and volume measurements
  • The prevention of contact damage from being on the roof
  • The identification of hot spots usually resulting from lack of insulation
  • Access to inaccessible areas, and
  • The creation of a photo and/or video archive
grand valley skyrover

To Learn More about SkyRover, Click on the above logo.


Drones Can Find Hot Spots Using Their Infrared Cameras, Recording as They Fly

SkyRover Flies over the Area Where the New Ontario Federation of Agriculture Office While Grand Valley Roofing Applies Their New Rhino Bond TPO Roof

Close-up of Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. Installing the New TPO Roof

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