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Roofs Replacement in Cambridge

A sturdy roof protects your home or business from the elements. It has to withstand strong winds, heavy downpours, snow and ice accumulation. Whether it’s a repair or new installation, your roof needs to be properly maintained to protect your investment. Residential and commercial roofs can suffer from multiple roofing problems. Keep these worries aside and rely on Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. for all your roofing repair services in and around Cambridge. We provide complete roofing repair solutions for flat roof residential and commercial properties.

| Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

We can also help you decide whether you need a complete roof replacement or just roofing repair solutions depending on the current condition of your roof. If the roof damage is minimal and fixing leaks and replacing cracked or damaged membrane will suffice, we can repair the roof. However, if the damage is significant, we may suggest replacing it completely.

  • Lack of roof maintenance

  • Failure to correct minor problems

  • Flashing and drain problem

  • Failure of roof perimeters e.g., gravel stops

  • Poor design choices

  • Weathering and wind damage

  • Water damage and pooling

  • Missing gravel, cracked roof membrane, and/or adhesive bubbling through the membrane

To view Part 2 of Residential Flat Roof, Modified Bitumen, use the link below.

Water leaks can also damage the roof decking. Further problems indicating a repair or re-roofing may be necessary could include one or more of the following:

| Reasons You May Need a Roof Replacement


| Failure to Correct Minor Problems

| Lack of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is often forgotten or ignored until a leak appears or your insurance company lets you know that your roof needs replacing. Some owners believe that roofs last as long as the manufacturer says they are designed for and when it gets close to that time, you should check your roof to see if it needs replacing. Others know that, in reality, it is a roof maintenance plan that allows the roof to last as long as it is designed to. In addition, roofers know that weather and building location can impact the life of the roof and that inspections are the key to the longevity of your roof. Lack of roof inspections and maintenance can equal early roof replacement and create additional expenses for owners. 

The function of flashing is to provide a watertight connection between the roof and projections. Many early roof leaks are the result of flashing problems and prompt repair will extend the roof's life. Roof drains provide for the removal of water as quickly as possible and should be inspected for blockages frequently.

The biggest cause of premature roof failure is the inability to locate and correct minor problems; the lower the roof slope, the greater the impact. Insufficient ventilation can markedly decrease the life of the roof. Also, ventilation will not solve the problem of water leaking into the attic or building.

The heat on the roof expands and contracts the metal and before long the bonding membrane develops cracks and/or come away from the base material where leaking develops. While easy to repair, they are often overlooked. Yearly inspections can spot this problem.

water collected on the roof.jpg

| Flashing and Drain Problems

| Failure in Gravel Stops

Failure in Gravel Stops

| Poor Design Choices

Poor Design Choices

This slope to flat roof transition will fail prematurely due to expansion and contraction of the material at the change in deck direction, causing membrane splits. In addition, incompatible roof materials, poor drainage, sagging structure and roof-on-roof designs can all contribute to premature roof failure.

| Weathering & Wind Damage

The type of roofing material dictates the life of the roofing product; the less organic the material, the longer the life. Damage to roofs can be caused by hail, air pollution and a salt-laden atmosphere. The greatest factor in prolonging a roof's life is adequate fastening of the roofing material to the deck and at the perimeter. High winds tend to loosen the roofing materials and no roof can withstand extreme winds and flying debris.

Water pooling

| Water Damage & Pooling

Out of sight, out of mind. Often the first indicator of a roof issue is water damage. This is particularly true for flat roofs, where it is easy to forget to check drains or to clean off plant residue and garbage from roof when it is not easily seen.


Water collecting on roof can magnify UV rays and decrease the life of the roof, particularly for BUR and Bituminous based roofs. Root-top units without proper drainage can compound the problem.


| Missing Gravel, Cracked Roof Membrane and/or Adhesive Bubbling Through the Membrane

Over time, wind, rain and snow can reduce the amount and effectiveness of the gravel on roofs. With less protection, the membrane can dry out faster causing cracking and blistering.  This allows air to get trapped under the membrane where it is heated by the sun and stretched permanently. The adhesive can begins to release and leak through the membrane. Now water can penetrate and cause leaking. 

Failure to Correct Minor Problems
Weathering and Wind Damage.jpg

| A Look at a Few Decking & Re-Roof Projects

| Tufdek Vinyl Decks

Vinyl decks

Grand Valley Roofing is one of a few companies in Southwest Ontario with certification in installing Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking. Tufdek is designed to be installed on most outdoor locations, including balconies, decks, sundecks, roof-top patios, stairs, walkways and concrete. Available in various looks and colours, it is an outstanding alternative to traditional materials.


| Built-Up Roofing


| Modified Bitumen

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| Receive a Free Estimate

Get in touch with our roofers for roofing repair services in and around Cambridge to learn more about our inspection services. You can contact us to Schedule an Appointment for inspection, maintenance and repair.

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